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Jigging machine or jigger is broadly used the pretreatment of bulky grain ore, corresponding to tungsten, copper, antimony, gold, manganese ore and other metallic mine’s mill run.

Application and efficiency

Jigging is one of the relative new methods for gravity focus. As a rougher or cleaner device, it is widely applied on the separation of gold, tin, tungsten, titanium, hematite, coal and different minerals due to its excessive processing capacity, large vary of separation dimension and simplicity of operation and upkeep.

A traditional jig is usually pushed by eccentric circle, its jigging pulse curve is mostly sine wave, the upward or downward movement price generated by the diaphragm motion and motion time are virtually same, subsequently, it is not conductive to jigging bed dilation and stratification in accordance with the proportion of mineral particles, and affects the sorting ratio and restoration of gear.

Saw-tooth wave jig is a energy-saving gravity concentration device which is predicated on the normal jig in accordance with the distribution rule of jigging mattress idea, its jig pulse curve likes the noticed-tooth waveform which makes the upward flow faster than the downward; The upward circulation time is short, the downward is lengthy, which overcomes the shortcoming of upward flow, downward movement and motion time produced by the sine-wave pulse curve, enhances the loose diploma of the bed and alleviates the inhalation effects, structural seamless steel tube then the heavy mineral particles in the ore are totally settlement, which enhances the sorting ratio and recovery of gear. Compared with the sine-wave jig, the restoration of Sn increases 3.01%, W: 5.5%, Pb: 1.63%, Zn: 2.04%, respectively; Water consumption is reduced by 30%-40%, site area is decreased 1/3, the stroke may be adjusted, dragging by the electromagnetic adjustable pace motor makes the pumping velocity will be adjusted endlessly. Its performance reaches the domestic superior degree; It’s considered one of the best energy-saving gravity concentration equipments.

Jigging Machine Advantages

1. Much softer movement sample for significantly better catch

2. Smaller and lighter, making setup and placement simpler

3. Multi-objective

4. Other machines are sometimes too robust and injury the squid.

5. Metal gravity separation.


High capacity

High focus ratio and excessive restoration

Fabricated with highest high quality material

Easy to install, operate and maintain

The pulsation curve is noticed-tooth wave shape facilitate heavy mineral to settling

Saving water 30-40% than bizarre jig

The pulsation speed very simple adjusted by regulator

Suitable for roughing and de-sliming

Can obtain good result in processing resembling placer gold, tungsten, iron, tin, hematite, cope, tantalum-niobium, titanium, manganese, barite, zirconium, chrome and gemstone etc.

Jigging Machine Working Principle

Jigging machines are intended for gravity separation by technique of jigging. They are used for preparation of coals, ores of ferrous and non-ferrous metals with excessive effectivity of separation.

In case you have virtually any issues regarding where and the best way to employ steel tubing, you possibly can email us in our internet site. Jigging machines are outfitted with fashionable system of pneumatic drive attributable to which effectivity of separation is basically improved. Control system of jigging machine is intended for computerized control by process of jigging making certain chance of integration in management system of upper level with entry to all technological parameters.

Jigging machine for washing sands of alluvial deposits: Jigging machines of the present class are designed in keeping with module precept. In the guts of their design is lying module of jigging machines GRAVICON-4M.

Module is meant for washing sands of alluvial deposits and milled ores of non-ferrous metals of measurement as much as 25 mm with chance of mounting on dredges 250m3/h. Jigging machines in quantity of 11 items consisting of two modules have been put in at the Navoi (Uzbekistan) mining and beneficiation plant, the place they efficiently function at current.

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